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View the unforgettable Napali Coast aboard our 65′ deluxe catamarans, Blue Dolphin and Blue Dolphin II. Designed by America’s Cup designers and engineers Morrelli & Melvin, our boats are specifically designed to navigate the waters of Kauai for a smoother ride.

Both of our boats were recently upgraded with new Lugger 6125 H2 Komatsu engines. They were installed to meet Tier 3 Emissions required by 2017. These engines are gentle on the environment – low rpm, fuel efficient, quiet, producing near zero emissions and little odor, offering a much more pleasant passenger experience. Fresh water showers, spacious bathrooms for both men and women and plenty of room to roam add comfort to your experience.

We also offer raft tours for those seeking a more adventurous experience, entering sea caves and getting up close and personal to the Napali Coast. In addition to rafting, we offer private Big Game Fishing aboard our 40′ Viking Sportfisher, “Que Sera.” We take small personal groups of no more than 6 passengers. All the equipment is provided for an action packed day of sportfishing on a 4, 6, or 8 hour custom charter. We share the catch at the captain’s discretion.

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