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The Highlight of our 2 Week Trip

“We took the sunset cruise with Capt. Chad and his two crew mates. They went out of their way to make sure all the passengers were having a great time. Many years ago my wife and I hiked the Kalalau trail which winds it’s way through some of the same Napali coast terrain that is seen from the boat. The boat ride is obviously easier and more fun. In addition to the astonishing scenery, we saw billy goats up on the cliffs, turtles on the beach, and bottle nose dolphins swimming around the boat. Capt. Chad brought us close enough to the cliffs so that willing passengers could get drenched by a waterfall. He even brought us into the mouth a cave. Spoiler alert… Pay attention to their description and names of the various sights on your trip. There just might be a trivia contest with prizes. We failed miserably but we had a good laugh anyway. If you are looking for a knowledgable, safety conscious, and enthusiastic outfit then Blue Dolphin is your charter company.”

Customer review from May 2014

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