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Want to go on a Dinner/Sightseeing Cruise?

“Capt. Chad told the group that we would experience some things with him that captains from other companies just don’t do. We had a chance to see the rugged NaPali coast line. Chad was extremely knowledgeable regarding the history of the area, and presented everything in a very entertaining way. He steered the bow of the boat into a waterfall. Several people in the group had the chance to stand in a bow pulpit during that experience. Yes, we got wet. The food was great, served buffet-style. Lindsey and Mike (the crew) were very attentive, making sure we always had a drink, helping with the food, talked with everyone, and offered to take pictures of all of us along the way. Although marine life wasn’t especially plentiful that day, we did manage to see some bottle-nosed porpoises, a momma humpbacked whale with her baby, and a sea turtle. One of the porpoises actually did a few acrobatics by jumping out the water and spinning around. Great captain. Great crew. Great sunset. Great experience. I would recommend them to everybody.”

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